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Human interactions

Human interactions

The relationship between humans and natural ecosystems is complex.

When studying the human interactions on a natural system scientists often organise their thinking into a) Human activities, and b) the Environmental impacts that result.

Through history people have often shown disregard for natural spaces and their ecosystems and there have been many negative environmental impacts as a result however people can also impact ecosystems positively. for example by studying them to inform methods and practices for restoring and protecting natural spaces.

Many human impacts are unintentional, such as bushwalking tracks causing erosion.

Impacts through colonisation - Sugarloaf Hill and Sugarloaf Point have been impacted in recent history by the needs of increasing suburban population and the sand mining operation at Sugarloaf Point.

Oblique aerial view of Sugarloaf Point showing dredging in 1969. Dredging removed river sediment and was run as a commercial sand mining operation.

Rubbish tip, Ryde, 1965. Increased housing required nearby rubbish disposal sites such as the area around Buffalo Creek. State Library of NSW | Copyright free

East Ryde, c.1892. The water main pipes lie on the ground ready for installation. State Library of NSW | Copyright