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S6 Ecosystem dynamics

What is "Ecosystem dynamics"?

Ecosystem dynamics is the name of Module 4 of the Year 11 component of the NSW Biology syllabus. in which students study environmental changes that occour as a result of natural influences and human impacts.

The following resources and activities focus on the skills and understandings students need for a field study of the changes occuring in the ecosystems at Sugarloaf Hill in Sydney, Australia.
Use the menu to navigate between the three main sections of Study sites, Fieldwork, and Resources and unlock the many detailed sub-sections.
Many people who are using these resources will be taking part in a fieldwork excursion with Field of Mars EEC. However everyone is welcome to use these resources (please keep in mind that the resource is structured around specific inquiry questions which are in turn, based on a specific depth study and assessment tasks.)

Sugarloaf hill is part of Lane Cove National Park which, among other things, is managed to "conserve biodiversity and maintain ecosystem functions"