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Survival of living things video transcript


Video transcript

Ah, there you are!

We would like to invite you on an exploration.
An exploration of the science of survival - of all living things.
During this exploration you will be working with the famous science detectives Dr Watson and Sherlock Holmes.
Here they are here.. Quite interesting people.

I am the explorer - their humble assistant.

The detectives have asked me to make this video for you, dear viewers, so that you may check your knowledge of certain science words and understandings which are critical for your exploration of the art of survival of living things.

Now, understanding some scientific words can sometimes be a bit of a challenge.

Perhaps you've seen a science word before, but do you really know what it means?

Sometimes it can feel like a code that needs cracking.
So let's practise cracking the code right now.

Here's a science word you might have seen before..
Do you know the meaning?
Are you sure?
Can you give an example?
Here's the meaning, and some examples.

How about this?
Can you remember the things that these living things need to survive?
Let's see if you got it right..
Good work!

Here is a list of all the scientific words and  understandings that the detectives need you to be comfortable with before they will work with you.
Some quite big words in there.

In order for you to prepare I have made a quiz task.
You'll find it below this video.
Once you've finished the quiz it will be time to meet and work with the famous science detectives.
They will take you through a fantastic exploration of the language and the science of adaptations - the tricks that living things use for survival.

Good luck!

End of transcript.

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