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Lesson 1 quiz answers

Lesson 1 quiz answers


1. What are the four things that any individual animal needs to survive?

Food, water, oxygen, shelter


2. What are the four main things an individual plant needs to survive?

Light, air, water, nutrients


3. Which of the following are external features of a living thing?

Scales, colour, number of toes on feet, marsuipial pouch, shiny leaves


4. Select the things that are structural features of animals.

Feathers, scales, nostrils, claws, bones


5. Select the things that are behavioural features of animals.

The ability to fly, running away from predators, hunting in a pack, resting when the air temperature is extremely hot


6. Camouflage is the ability of a living thing to blend in with its surroundings.


7. Which word describes how living things develop and change?



8. All living things grow, develop and use energy.



9. All animals without backbones are called:



10. Which of the following are physical conditions that affect living things in Australian environments?

Heat, moisture, seasons, fire, wind speed


11. Any living thing can be called an:



12. What are the characteristics of all living things?

Made of cells, grows and develops, uses energy


13. Select all the things that a whole animal species must have to avoid dying out (becoming extinct)

Healthy living conditions
Enough food, water, oxygen and shelter for all
Many baby animals growing and surviving to become adults
Enough space for the animals to breed in
Strong, fit bodies that help them move around


14. Select all the things that a whole plant species must have to avoid dying out (becoming extinct):

Other plants of the same species


15. Features are the distinctive characteristics, properties and qualities of an object, material or living thing.


16. What do living things use energy for?

Activities such as growing, healing, moving


17. The natural purpose or movement of a living thing (or part of its body) is knows as its function


18. When an organism creates more of its own kind (makes offspring) this is called reproduction


19. Many living things depend on each other to survive. This is called interdependence.  Select the real-life examples of interdependence between living things.

Bees moving pollen between flowers.
Birds eating fruit and spreading the seeds.


20. A conclusion is an opinion or judgement based on evidence.


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