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Shrub habitats

Shrub habitats

What are shrubs?

Shrubs are plants which have multiple woody stems growing out of the base. They are usually under 6 metres tall. Native examples include bush peas, wattles, grevilleas and banksias.

Shrubs as habitat

Shrubs provide nest sites and protection for small animals from predators. They produce flowers containing nectar, seeds and fruit that some species of birds, invertebrates and mammals use for food. 

Eastern spinebill

An eastern spinebill bird is a type of honeyeater. It feeds on insects and nectar from flowers such as grevilleas and mountain devils. The long, narrow beak of a spinebill is designed to reach deeply into tubular flowers to obtain nectar.

Find out more

Habitat is a special digital book that investigates the needs of living things through detailed text, interactive activities, videos and stunning images.

Explore the value of habitats such as trees, shrubs and ground cover plants and non-living habitats such as leaf litter, rocks, logs and water.

Find out how to create and restore habitats that will help animals survive and thrive.

This book supports Australian Curriculum biological sciences and living world.

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