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Earth’s resources

Earth’s resources excursion

Earth and Environmental Science 

This Stage 6 excursion involves student-directed investigations into the local environment, the classification and composition of rocks and soils, and relevant human issues.

This excursion is ideal for Term 1 when some EES students often need a little inspiration to make sure they are in the right headspace and ready for the year ahead. It can easily be adapted to fit your student’s learning needs and your own assessment needs.

During the day the students move through several fieldwork activities that will furnish them with quantitative data, qualitative observations, historical information and expert knowledge and insight of the lithology, Biology and management of the Field of Mars Reserve. Investigations include human impacts, soil and rock formation and it's links to terrestrial ecology

During the investigation process students will:
Question, plan, prepare and identify data sources
Collect, process and analyse first-hand fieldwork data and information.
Investigate and communicate the specifics of soil interactions and some environmental impacts due to human activities. (explanations are usually related back to the level of mineral properties)
Investigate uses of rock and mineral resources by Aboriginal peoples.

The fieldwork can also include a study of two local flora/fauna species that investigates how the geology of the area has been informed the species' distribution and abundance.

Maximum 2 classes per day.


  • Field of Mars Reserve

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