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S4/5 Nature's systems

Nature's systems


This adventurous Stage 4/5 excursion consists of a series of hands-on, engaging fieldwork investigations exploring the natural systems operating in Sydney’s rugged and scenic sandstone forests.

In the field students will:
- Investigate abiotic and biotic features of two fieldwork sites.
- Observe the structures of several bushland plants and investigate how these plants are used traditionally by Aboriginal peoples for medicine, tools, food and shelter.
- Safely collect bushland invertebrates and investigate their adaptations for survival. 

This program works best for students who have already started, or are close to concluding, the topic areas of ecosystems, plants, adaptations and/or classification. The excursion experience and the data/observations collected on it can easily support an assessment task or exam.

Sample worksheet

Maximum 4 classes per site.

More than 4 classes requires access to a second excursion site.

Location options

Field of Mars Reserve

Buffalo Creek Reserve

Blackman Park

Mowbray Park