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Features of places

Features of places excursion


What are the features of and activities in the bushland of the Lane Cove National Park? How can we care for it?

Students will bushwalk through mangrove and eucalypt forests down to the banks of the Lane Cove River. They will explore and investigate the natural and human features of these places, how they are used by animals and people, and how they can be cared for.

During the excursion students will use a variety of hands-on fieldwork tools, sensory and immersive experiences such as invertebrate hunts, exploring the mangrove forest, creating banksia creatures, crab hunting (tide permitting) and creating a pictorial map of their day’s journey using natural materials.


  • Buffalo Creek Reserve

Track overview

Program details

  • When selecting excursion dates please avoid days with a high tide between 11am and 1pm. 
  • 2020 tides.
  • 2021 tides.

Program cost

  • DoE school cost is $18 per student  - GST free.
  • Non Gov school cost is $28 per student - GST free. Minimum charge $600.

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