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S6 Earth’s natural systems

Earth's natural systems

Year 11 (2024)

This excursion provides an in-depth examination of the value, characteristics and functioning of the Eucalypt forest in the Field of Mars Reserve. 

Undertaking geographic inquiry, students engage in fieldwork and use geographical tools to examine the atmospheric, hydrological, geomorphic, and ecological systems that make up the forest. Students will use sampling methodologies, environmental assessment techniques and specialised fieldwork instruments to measure a range of abiotic and biotic conditions at two sites. Maps, video, satellite imagery, and other secondary resources will be used to support fieldwork inquiry.

By comparing and contrasting their results, students will identify key processes, cycles and circulations that affect the functioning of the forest, and explain how interconnections between natural systems lead to the establishment of different forest types.

The fieldwork techniques used will support students undertaking their Geographical investigation in natural environments. 


  • The Field of Mars Reserve