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S4 Landscapes and landforms

Landscapes and landforms excursion


This program can cater for up to 10 classes, with advanced notice.

During this excursion Stage 4 students will journey along the Lane Cove River investigating the multiple layers of place; locating, describing and assessing the features and characteristics of the riverine landscape. The study site provides students with a rich Sydney-based inquiry into the processes and influences that form and transform the landscape and its considerable aesthetic, cultural and economic value for peoples with particular reference to local Aboriginal peoples.

Students will develop place-based questions for inquiry as they follow the meanders of the river along the Lane Cove Valley Walk. Fieldwork tools will be used to collect qualitative and quantitative data using digital and non-digital tools. Emphasis will be placed on engaging students in activities that provoke an emotional response to examine and analyse data to encourage deeper thinking and understanding of geographical concepts.

Examination of the management strategies used to protect the river and surrounding environments will be explored.


To accommodate large groups we use multiple sites along the Lane Cove River.

  • Southern walk – Great North Walk between Boronia Park and Buffalo Creek Reserve
  • Central walk - Great North Walk between Buffalo Creek Reserve and Magdala Park
  • Northern walk – Chatswood Rotary Athletics Field - (Mowbray Park)