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S4 Place and liveability

Place and liveability excursion


This program can cater up to 8 classes, with advanced notice.

During this excursion, Stage 4 students will explore Meadowbank and the picturesque Parramatta River foreshore investigating the factors which influence its liveability. 

The study site provides students with a pertinent Sydney-based study of a dynamic and future-focussed urban place.

Students will use geographic tools to measure, assess and rank the liveability of the study site. A walking survey will be conducted examining the features of the built and natural environment that support and enhance community wellbeing, as well as community demographics and activity. Students will also engage in first-hand physical testing of environmental quality using a range of specialised fieldwork equipment and techniques to collect quantitative and qualitative data. 

Students will discuss varying perceptions of liveability as they examine and analyse their data and consider how liveability has been planned for and can be improved. 

The study is suitable as an authentic foundation for the Stage 4 Place and Liveability unit, or as an opportunity for students to apply knowledge and practise their fieldwork skills.