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Movie bugs

Movie bugs incursion

Science and technology, English

Create a digital animation of an invertebrate in a program that includes two school visits with Field of Mars teachers and six essential class lessons (approx. 3hrs time).

Movie Bugs engages students in the natural world as they are guided through a scientific investigation. On the first visit to your school the Field of Mars teachers will take students on an adventure in search of invertebrates. Invertebrate collection equipment will be used to safely collect and examine the strange and unusual external features of invertebrates. 

Self paced lessons will then guide your class through invertebrate investigations and the steps in preparing for digital animation. The lessons include using Field of Mars fact sheets to learn more about invertebrates found in your school, using scaffolds to develop an information report, scripting and storyboarding and how best to create a movie bug prop.    

On a second visit to your school, Field of Mars teachers will teach your students to create a stop motion animation. IPads, tripods and audio equipment will be provided. Animations produced will be shared digitally.

Please note we also offer a one day Stage 1 program in animation - Animals animated. Students complete a scientific investigation, script, storyboard, make props and create the animation in a one day incursion. 


Your school

Program details

  • Maximum 3 sessions per day
  • Maximum 2 classes per session
  • DoE school cost is $22 per student - GST free
  • Non Gov school cost is $42 per student - GST free, minimum charge $600
  • Session length from 1.5 to 2 hours for both visits
  • Movie bugs program
  • Risk assessment advice

Program resources