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Geography 11-12

Stage 6 Geography - A focus on fieldwork for the Geography 11-12 syllabus

Friday 10 November 2023

This one-day course has been developed to support Stage 6 Geography teachers in the planning and implementation of the NESA Geography 11-12 Syllabus for Year 11 in 2024 and Year 12 in 2025. With an increased focus on fieldwork, 12 hours in Year 11 and 12 hours in Year 12, the course will explore the many benefits and opportunities of fieldwork to engage students in working and thinking like a geographer.

Melissa Ellis, NSW Department of Education HSIE Curriculum Officer 7-12 and teachers from Environmental Education Centres (EEC’s) will present Geography 11-12 resources and fieldwork case studies that offer a place based approach, a lens for viewing Year 11 and year 12 topics and concepts. Each case study includes options for on-site fieldwork, supporting materials and ideas to engage with fieldwork in the local environment. 

Participants will go outside and explore the Sydney sandstone eucalypt forests of the Field of Mars Reserve, East Ryde. We acknowledge and will walk through Wallumedegal Country experiencing multi-sensory fieldwork and place based discovery. Learn activities to stimulate the senses to develop a deep respect for nature, aesthetic appreciation, awe and wonder, empathy and more memorable and meaningful connections with our world.

The course will scaffold inquiry based fieldwork. Build confidence in developing suitable fieldwork inquiry questions which allow for successful geographic investigation. Learn valuable and accessible fieldwork techniques including reliable and valid sampling methodologies, and the use of environmental assessment equipment. Develop skills to create effective workflows to encourage deep learning.

Participants will engage with fieldwork focused HSC questions and assessment possibilities. Opportunities for round table discussion will focus on the inclusion of fieldwork in program development and assessment. 


Start: 8.30 am

Finish: 3.00 pm 


DOE staff registration via MyPL

MyPL course code NR40569

Non Government school staff registration 

DOE Cost: $149

Non DOE: $199

Includes morning tea in the field and lunch

Time: 6 hours