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Plant systems

Plant systems excursion


What grows where and why?

This Stage 5 excursion focusses on the Living world strand of the syllabus, specifically looking at plant structures and ecosystems.

In the field students conduct a variety of hands-on methods and using equipment to measure the abiotic and biotic factors of two study sites. They record their data, construct a detailed profile diagram and explain the differences in their results observed between the two sites. Results are then related to the effects of different landforms, climate, bushfire, drought and nearby human impacts.

Students are also engaged in a creative digital communication task which sees them developing an engaging digital text or video that details the structure, adaptations and habitat value of a native plants growing at Field of Mars Reserve. These multimodal digital texts and videos will be saved and be available for viewing back at school.

Maximum capacity of 100 students. 

More than 100 students requires access to a second excursion site.


  • Field of Mars Reserve

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