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Investigating Science - Depth study fieldwork

Investigating Science - Depth study fieldwork excursion

Investigating science

This Stage 6 multi-disciplinary fieldwork excursion is designed to be flexible to fit your students’ depth study investigation content needs.

This adventurous and inspiring fieldwork investigation involves: pre-excursion resources, meaningful in-field planning, hands-on measurement, in-field analysis, expert advice and more.

This fieldwork program also complements the study of all four St 6 science subjects by providing additional opportunities for students to investigate and develop their understanding of scientific concepts, their current and future uses, and their impacts on science and society in the field.

This is a modular fieldwork program that focusses on skills including (but not limited to):

  • detailed observation and measurement of phenomena
  • identifying the role of variables in the planning and conducting of investigations
  • practical strategies for working with quantitative and qualitative data
  • deducing cause and effect relationships
  • using and comparing digital and analogue technologies
  • assessing the potential for error, uncertainty and limitations of data sets
  • field processing of data as the first step towards analysis
  • language and communication
  • reflecting on the use of the new syllabus skills for working scientifically.

Some of the variables that can be sampled at the various fieldwork sites include:

  • Freshwater sites: pH, turbidity, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, temperature, phosphates, aquatic organisms and more.
  • Forest sites: light intensity, % canopy cover, albedo effect, humidity, wind speed, air temp, soil pH, leaf litter coverage and more.
  • Mangroves sites: distribution and abundance of crabs, mangroves and other species, light, tidal flushing and more.


  • Buffalo Creek Reserve

Track overview

Program details

  • Maximum 2 classes.
  • Contact us to discuss your assessment needs.

Program cost

  • DoE school cost is $24 per student - GST free.
  • Non Gov school cost is $34 per student - GST free. Minimum charge $600.

Program resources