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Environmental change and management

Environmental change and management excursion


This is a Stage 5 fieldwork investigation into the environmental change and management of the wetland and forest environments at Blackman Park located on the middle section of the Lane Cove River estuary.

Students will investigate:

  • the biophysical processes essential for the functioning of the wetland environment
  • the causes, extent and consequences of environmental change
  • management of environmental change.

The vegetation within the Lane Cove River estuary has experienced significant change over time. Plant communities have disappeared and recently a small section of mangroves found below Blackman Park is slowly recovering after a die-off event. 

What was the cause of this mangrove die-off? And will it happen again? To find the answer, students need to investigate the processes required for the normal functioning of mangrove environments and surrounding vegetation communities. They then examine the causes, extent and consequences of the mangrove deaths and evaluate the effectiveness of the current management found at the study site.

Students participate in a range of fieldwork activities such as field sketching, measuring abiotic factors and crab abundance surveys. They will also read and interpret satellite images, maps, historical photographs and other graphic representations. It is recommended that students bring a mobile device to take photographs.

Teachers will be provided with teacher notes and the student stimulus booklet at the completion of the fieldwork.


  • Blackman Park 

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