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Creating a stop motion animation video transcript

Video transcript

I'm going to make a stop motion animation. The first thing I'm going to do is get my props ready.

The person in my animation is going to plant a tree so I'll need different sized trees so that we can watch it grow.

When making your props you want to make sure they're not too big and you can easily move them around. You also want to make sure that they'll stay still when you put them down.

Now that I've got the props for my scene I'm going to open my stop motion app on my iPad. Make sure your camera is facing the right way. I'm also going to change the speed settings on mine so that I need to take less photos.

Now we can move the props in our scene. Each time I move my prop I take a photo. Can you see that I'm not moving my prop too much? You can see the shadow it leaves next to it.

You must make sure that you don't move your iPad through your story. I'm using a tripod but you could use something you have at home or at school. I'm going to take a few snapshots of the tree at this size so that it will stay on the screen for longer.

Just the finishing touches now, I'm almost done! Once I think I'm finished I'll play it back to make sure I'm happy.

Looks good!

End of transcript.

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