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Creating a poster video transcript

Video transcript

I'm going to make a poster using my iPad today. First I'll use an app called Typorama.

When you choose your image make sure it is relevant to the topic your poster is on. I'm going to choose this nice flower picture.

Using the functions within the app you can then create the message you want to get across. I'm using the app functions to change the style, colour and size to make it how I want my poster to look.

When I'm happy with how my poster looks I'll then click share and save it so that's in my camera roll ready to go.

Another app I can use to create a poster is Canva. This allows me to use a photo collage so that I can use multiple photos within my poster.

Once I've chosen my favourite template then I can upload the photos that I'd like to put in my poster.

I'm still making sure that each photo relates to the message of my poster which is to go outside to enjoy being in nature.

To persuade people to do this I've chosen beautiful images of living things that you would find in nature that I think will encourage people to want to go outside.

Now that I'm finished it's your turn. What message do you want to get across to other people?

End of transcript.

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