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A catchment story video transcript

Video transcript

This bowl of water represents a water catchment an area where rainwater is collected by the natural landscape. Here using a watering can, I'm demonstrating how water will fall on one side of the hill into one catchment and if it falls on the other side of the hill it will fall into a different catchment. Within the catchment water flows through creeks rivers and underground and will eventually find its way to the ocean. In urban areas rain flows along our streets and into stormwater drains taking with it any rubbish, leaves, oil and grease that may be found in an urban landscape.

Listen now to the story of an urban catchment. A man at the top of the hill decided to cut down a tree and the tree loppers chopped it up into woodchip. It rained and some of the woodchip washed into the creek. Also because the tree had been holding the soil together with its roots. Now there was a lot of loose topsoil and dirt washed into the creek. Further downstream a lady was painting her house and when she finished she washed the brushes under the hose and tipped the bucket into the gutter. Next door a man was washing his car on the road instead of on the grass and detergent got hosed into the drains.

Further down the road a household of five was having trouble with their plumbing. It was an old house and tree roots had cracked the sewer pipe and toilet paper was washing down the gutter with the overflow. As the water continued its journey down through the catchment it collected all sorts of debris. Old band-aids, tea bags, a plastic bag and a plastic bottle. Is anyone thirsty?

End of transcript.

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