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Virtual fieldwork using Google Maps video transcript

Video transcript

Let's take a look at how we can conduct virtual fieldwork using Google Maps on a computer. First open Google Maps in your browser. You can search for a place on the map or type in a location. Select the satellite image view. The menu in the bottom right of your screen allows you to zoom in and out and to select Pegman our virtual Explorer. Once clicked you will have the option of using Street View or the photosphere. Click on the location you wish to explore. I'm going to take a look at Sugarloaf Hill in the Lane Cove National Park. Click and hold your mouse or trackpad to move around the scene. You can use the zoom functions as well as the compass to locate North. Another way to explore is to scroll down the information panel. Select the 360º view to explore further. Here I'm using the arrows and crosses in Street View to move through the area.

Now let's take a look and see how we can use a device. Again select Google Maps. Search or type in the location. Select 360º image on the screen and use your fingers to move and zoom as you wish. Once again you can use the information panel to explore. Select photos 360º view and away you go. You can also use the Google Street View app to conduct your virtual explorations. Zoom in to see the multiple images available for view or select to explore a specific site. Here I'm in the Field of Mars Reserve. Oh, what a lovely place.

End of transcript.

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