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Classifying living things video transcript

Video transcript

We're here at Field of Mars to learn all about classification.

Classification is the process of grouping things based on their similarities. Let's see if we can classify what we found in the ground.

I've just created three groups based on their similarities. I have leaves rocks and sticks.

We classify things into groups so we can stay organised, keep track of things and make comparisons. It also helps us understand how things are related throughout history.

A classification key or branching key is a series of questions which help us identify what something is.

I'm going to use this classification key to find out what kind of vertebrate the blue tongue lizard is. I can see that the lizard has no fur or feathers but it does have scales but I can't see any gills so this tells me it must be a reptile.

There are so many amazing things to classify here in the Field of Mars bush we would love to see what you've classified at your school.

End of transcript.

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