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Features of animals in the Field of Mars Reserve video transcript

Video transcript

There are lots of animals that live around here. I wonder why they choose these places? Let's see if we can find out.

One of the ways animals survive in the bush is they live in places that match the colour of their skin or their exoskeleton. This animal here is called a goliath stick insect and it uses camouflage to blend in with the place where it lives. Tawny frog mouths have feathers that look like tree bark and water dragons have scales that match the lichen on the rocks.

This kookaburra has made a home out of a termite nest and moorhens like to shelter amongst the plants for protection. Red belly black snakes warm up by lying in the sun. Once they're warm they have enough energy to go hunting frogs and skinks in the bush. The brush turkey finds its food in the leaf litter exactly the same as this lyrebird does.

Can you see the different features of the echidna? Those protective quills let them hide as he searches for food and ants to eat.

End of transcript.

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