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Animals of the Field of Mars Reserve video transcript

Video transcript

We're off on an adventure. There are so many animals around here Let's go and see where they live.

I wonder what's living around these rocks? Rocks like these are home to a type of lizard called a left tailed gecko as well as many different spiders.

What do you think lives up in the trees? These trees are filled with animals like birds and possums. There's a nest that belongs to a possum. It's called a drey.

Let's have a look at what's living in the water here. Eastern long-necked turtles like to live in the water. There's one and here she is up on the bank laying her eggs. Some smaller animals like to make their homes here on the ground in amongst all the fallen leaves.

Look at all these invertebrates! That's a millipede there. The black one with the red legs. I can also see a big white curl grub. What can you see?

The boardwalk is a great place to find animals. Can you hear the frogs? Or maybe you can see a water dragon. And there on the grass are some wood ducks and their ducklings.

End of transcript.

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