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Habitats video transcript

Video transcript

I'm going for a walk outside.

I'm looking out for different habitats, or homes for animals.

These ducks are going for a swim on Buffalo creek.

I wonder what else I can focus on through my viewing tube.

This rock ledge has heaps of cobwebs.

Ah! Some lizard footprints on the sand.

What's this under the moss? A trapdoor house for a spider.

This is a creek where fish and turtles live.

Here's a hollow in a tree trunk - a great home for possums, sugar gliders or lorikeets.

Ground covers like grass and ferns are great habitat for reptiles.

Here's a log with a hiding spot.

Tall trees provide the tree canopy . Birds can build their nests high in the branches.

Trees need to be really old to have hollows, so we've put these nesting boxes here to provide extra homes.

Here's a new habitat we're building for frogs.

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