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Storytellling in nature video transcript

Video transcript

Today we're going to be looking at stories inspired by nature.

Have you read Snuggle, Pot and Cuddlepie. Pictures and words by May Gibbs. She was inspired by the Australian bush land since she created characters and scenes from what she observed around her.

Right now I'm comparing her characters with some of the features of the bush.

Hey Sophie what are you making there. I was inspired by May Gibbs and her Banksia men. You can see the seed pods on the tree up there. Mine's going to be a goodie. I'm making sure that I'm using loose parts. off the ground instead of pulling things off the tree.

Remember here we're in a national park, so we should only take memories with us and leave nothing but footprints.

I've made one too. Why don't you go outside and look carefully at the features of your place. Maybe you can create a character with loose parts too, maybe write a story as well.

End of transcript.

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