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Teddy Yoga video transcript

Video transcript

So, I've been enjoying my picnic today and noticing all these beautiful things in nature. So let's do some yoga poses from nature.

Let's start with tree pose. So make your tummy and your legs strong like a tree trunk as we come into tree pose. We're going to come on to one leg and lift this foot and balance strong through your tummy. Put your foot inside your leg and then bring your hands together in front of your heart and then, if you want to, make your branches wide. Bring them up and out and look up to the sky.  Then very carefully bring your hands back together and down. That was great. Now can you do it on the other leg all by yourself?

Now, when I look up in the trees I see lots of birds so let's do bird pose. Let's come on to that leg again strong through your leg and lift that leg up and take your wings out to the side and you can flap your wings if you like. Balancing, breathing, nice.  That was excellent. Now can you do it by yourself on the other leg?

Let's come down onto our hands and our knees and let's make our backs high like a cat. Cat stretch, stretching up through your back, wag your tail and then let's be happy cats and lift our tails up high and lift up our chest and stretch our back. Sometimes my cat puts her hands forward and she stretches like this. Nice.  And then we're going to come back with our bottom on our feet and we're going to relax down into child's pose.

Then come on up onto your knees, turn your toes under. Let's come up into dog's pose. Legs straight, wag your doggy tails and see if you can take your chest to your legs and wag your tail and then come down onto the floor and rest like a little rock on the ground.

End of transcript.

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