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Let’s read a story video transcript

Video transcript

...and a great big grin Snake asks slyly, "May I come in?".

We've been reading stories about animals. Animals are one of the things that make

this place so special to me. I wonder if you can go and read a story about something that belongs in your special place.

Today we were reading Goodnight Possum by Coral Vass and Sona Babajanyan. I'm going to play story-match now where I match the features from the story to the features in my garden.

I'm going to look for some red leaves, some trees, flowers, a funny-shaped leaf and some gum leaves. I found some red leaves and I counted eight in total.

Outside there are plenty of trees. Here I've matched Possum's flower.

I also found some white flowers and some purple ones. Here I found a funny-shaped leaf. And here I found some gum leaves, one brown and one green

End of transcript.

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