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Bushland treasures video transcript

Video transcript

I've just had a walk in the bushland and I've had a really lovely time.

I've been listening to birds, and I've found bush treasures on the ground. I found seed pods and really interesting leaves with all their different shapes colours and patterns.

But these bush treasures belong here in this place. It's what makes this place special.

I'm back at my home now and I've found lots of different things on the ground.

I have sticks and I have leaves, little pebbles. I'm going to go and make some pictures with these things now.

Here I've made a nature artwork. I've chosen my favourite objects for display.

Can you see a bushland character in this leaf? Add some eyes, two legs, two arms and he's done. More creatures now, with spiders, bugs and butterflies.

Now it's time to make a gum tree using the sticks and leaves I found from the ground.

End of transcript.

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